Hannes Lilljequist

Full-stack developer, technical architect and strategist, team lead

I work...

as a Senior Developer and Team Lead at Bazooka. Before that, I co-founded and ran the digital agency SthlmConnection for 10+ years. More on LinkedIn.

I live...

in Gothenburg, Sweden, together with two children and an adult. No pets.

I occationaly write...

tech news at bazooka.se (they're no longer available, but click the bullets to see a few via the Wayback Machine: ). I also have some older posts on Medium and on LinkedIn (click Articles).

I run...

...sometimes really long, but mostly just ordinary, sensible distances in a forest nearby.

Get in touch! ♥︎

You cand find me on LinkedIn and Twitter (DMs open), among other places.
If you've found this website and you know my first name, well, then you should be able to guess my email address. ☻
Need help from the pros? Email hej@bazooka.se.